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5 Key Health Benefits of Mamey Sapote




Heart Health: There are many reasons why mamey sapote is widely considered a heart-healthy food. To begin with, this fruit has a high concentration of potassium, which is a vasodilator and is able to effectively lower blood pressure. This reduces strain on the heart and can prevent heart attacks, strokes and atherosclerosis. Secondly, the fruit’s high fiber content can reduce the levels of overall cholesterol in the body, further lessening the risk of cardiovascular complications. The vitamin E and C found in the fruit can also protect the heart from oxidative stress and weakened blood vessels, respectively. All in all, everything about mamey sapote can protect our heart in some way, so it is highly recommended for those at high risk of cardiovascular disease.


Immune System Booster: Research has shown that mamey sapote is very good at improving immune system function. This is partially due to the complex blend of nutrients that our body needs to function properly, as well as powerful antioxidants and vitamins that directly strengthen out body’s immune response. The carotenoids and other antioxidants can eliminate foreign pathogens and make it more difficult for infections to take hold, and can also prevent chronic disease, such as cancer and arthritis.


Weight Loss:The dietary fiber content in mamey sapote is high enough that it can create a feeling of fullness, so you’re less likely to snack between meals and take on excess calories. Furthermore, the minerals and antioxidants in mamey sapote can help improve the metabolism, so passive burning of calories happens more often, and you will find it easier to work out and see measurable results in terms of your weight loss goals.


Bone Mineral Density: There are many important minerals found in mamey sapote, including copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. As we age, our bone mineral density begins to diminish, making us more susceptible to broken bones, accidents and general weakness. This cycle of infirmity and bone mineral loss can be rapid and brutal, but increasing your intake of minerals that can counter those effects is rather easy, and mamey sapote is an excellent option for boosting your bone strength.


Mood Stabilizer: Many different factors can cause mental distress or anxiety, but your nervous system is almost always involved. Research has shown that certain vitamins and minerals found in mamey sapote, such as vitamin E, potassium and carotenoids, can soothe anxiety and worry by optimizing the function of the nervous system. If you suffer from depression, mood swings, or other mental issues, improving your hormone levels and nervous system function should be your first step towards improvement. The nutrient-dense fruit of the mamey sapote tree can help in both of those areas.