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We are the oldest (1969) and largest grower of pink (red) guava (Psidium guajava – Mytraceae) in the State of Florida, farming almost 75 acres of beautiful guava year round, located in south Florida in the Redland/Homestead area. We provide wholesale to many of the distributors throughout Florida and are shipping to all states in the US . All our produce is grown, harvested and packed in the USA, using American standards and requirements.

Our guava is available all year around, but in largest abundance during the high harvest time of April to August. Our guava is trademarked with our own name Sardina Farms™, and is developed to be sweet, and extremely flavorful. Wonderful for fresh eating, and also for any of the exotic guava recipes you might have in mind.

The stock for our orchards were brought in from Cuba 40 years ago and engineered for perfection to be the best guava possible - you won't taste finer.

Our guava is sold in sizes small, medium and large, so you can select what works best for your application, or market. Sales of guava are fantastic at grocery stores, farmers markets, supermarkets or specialty stores.

Guava is almost universally known by its common English name Guava or its equivalent in other languages. In Spanish, the tree is guayabo, or guayavo, the fruit guayaba or guyava. The French call it goyave or goyavier; the Dutch, guyaba, goeajaaba; the Surinamese, guave or goejaba; and the Portuguese, goiaba or goaibeira. Hawaiians call it guava or kuawa. In Guam it is abas. In Malaya, it is generally known either as Guava or jambu batu.

Some of the other guava varieties that are on the market are the Thai guava (mouseover for photo), a white fleshed guava, which is drier and crunchy which some equate to a pear without the juice. And then there is the Mexican guava (mouseover for photo), a very small guava with yellow skin and yellow flesh. These Mexican guava were banned for 74 years from being imported into the U.S. before 2009, although the the ban is lifted they are all required to be irradiated to kill parasite larvae and other bacteria they may carry.

Due to High Public Demand - Click here for individual purchases in 10 pound boxes

Here is a picture of the pink guava (mouseover for photo) we grow, which is a juicy, flavorful and health-promoting variety, grown and hand picked in south Florida. Guava is often called a "super-fruit" so eat up and enjoy!

We are also able to provide Mamey starting in the month of April, continuing for several months (2 varieties back to back). Plus, we have a huge crop of Keitt Mango which starts it's harvest in June and runs for several weeks.

If you are interested in purchasing some large or small orders of guava contact us at #305-345-3390 and ask for Ernie or Terry Sardina and we will give you prices on all our produce.

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